Appareil photo instantané Instax Wide 300 de Fujifilm

Review: Instax Wide 300 (Fujifilm)

The Instax Wide 300 was released a few years ago, but it continues to be the leading model in the Wide format within Fujifilm’s Instax range of films and instant cameras. Until now, I had never had the camera in my hands. The time has come to redeem myself and present the largest Instax model […]

Appareil Lomo'Instant Automat de Lomography. Focntionne avec les films Instax Mini de Fujifilm.

Review: Lomo’Instant Automat (Lomography)

The Lomo’Instant Automat is the latest addition to Lomography’s instant camera range. The project, like several others previously launched by the brand, was supported by a flash financing campaign on Kickstarter, where it generated massive interest. The device lives up to the expectations and Lomography offers perhaps, with its Lomo’Instant Automat, the best Instax Mini […]

Imprimante Instax Share SP-3 de Fujifilm

Review: Instax Share SP-3 (Fujifilm)

In 2017, Fujifilm created a new branch in its Instax range of instant cameras and films. The Instax Square format, a square instant film, was launched at the same time as a camera bearing the same name. Since then, Fujifilm has extended the Square range with the Instax Share SP-3 printer, which we will present […]

Le Polaroid 600

Review: Polaroid 600

The “OneStep 600”, “Pronto 600”, “SuperColor 600” Polaroids… these cameras have different names, but all bear the number 600. They have in common that they were the first models manufactured by Polaroid and are not the most successful instant cameras produced by the brand. Let’s see what they lack and why it is best to […]

Un sujet, trois formats différents. De gauche à droite, une photo au format Instax Mini, une seconde au format Square, et la troisième au format Wide.

Comparing the different Instax film formats

Fujifilm markets a whole range of instant cameras considered as new generation “Polaroids”: the Instax camera. This large family of products is divided into three main branches, each corresponding to a film format: Instax Mini, Instax Wide, Instax Square. This article helps to better understand the characteristics of each format and to compare the different […]

Instax Square SQ20

Review: Instax Square SQ20 (Fujifilm)

In the fall of 2018, Fujifilm launched a new model in its Instax Square range, the SQ20, which is the obvious successor to the SQ10 released in 2017. Although it is still very similar to its predecessor, this model introduces many new features. Let’s take a look at the key features of the Instax Square […]

Polaroid 636 CL Close Up

Review: Polaroid 636 Close Up

The Polaroid 636 Close Up is an interesting evolution of the classic Polaroid 635, since it includes a plastic lens for close-up shots. How does this lens perform for portrait shots? Does it make the 636 Close Up a good choice for your next Polaroid camera? These are the questions we will look into. In […]

Appareils Polaroid vintage

5 points to check when you purchase a Polaroid

Polaroid devices are coming back strong thanks to the Impossible films, which allow you to continue to use them. These old devices are still available on second-hand markets, garage sales, flea markets or on private sales websites. If you are about to fall in love with a vintage Polaroid device, here are a few points […]

Appareil photo instantané Instax Square SQ6 de Fujifilm

Review: Instax Square SQ6 (Fujifilm)

After releasing the Instax Square SQ10 in 2017, the first Fujifilm Instax device to produce a square format picture, the Japanese brand is now expanding its range with a new model that goes back to the basics: the SQ6. Let’s see how the SQ6 differs from the SQ10 and what it has to offer to […]

Test de l'appareil Instax Mini 70 de Fufjifilm

Review: Instax Mini 70 (Fujifilm)

The Instax Mini 70 is a move upmarket compared to the Instax Mini 8, Fujifilm’s big hit. The Mini 70 is a little more expensive than the latter and is aimed at a more mature audience looking for a complete camera with more control over their images. This target audience difference is obvious on the […]